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Heritage Square Columns

Heritage Aluminum ColumnsThe Heritage Square column is manufactured with a recessed panel that will fit in a wide variety of homes. The Heritage Square column is manufactured with same high quality aluminum as we use to manufacture all of our aluminum columns.


i.  Step 1 – Measure opening, cut column staves 1/8” longer.

ii.  Step 2 – Snap staves together, use rubber mallet to tap. Keep staves even, they do not slide after snapped together. Snap from center of column out toward each end of column.

iii.  Step 3 – Install horizontal plate with two screws into two pre-drilled holes. If you have to cut down the column, drill two holes 3 ½” from end of column. Snap pre-finished cover over plate.

iv.  Step 4 – Install cap and base over ends of column. Slide cap and base on the minimum amount possible.
Like our other aluminum columns the Heritage has a limited lifetime warranty on the material (one year warranty on finish), its load bearing and easy to install. The Heritage is available in sizes ranging from 6” and 8” in width and 8’ – 10’ in height.”

White Recessed Panel Heritage Column

Nominal SizeSTD. LengthsABC
6"8', 9', 10'5-1/2"8-1/2"2-3/4"
8"8', 9', 10'7-1/2"10-1/2"2-3/4"

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