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Traditional Square Columns

Columns Inc. square aluminum columns are available in sizes ranging from 4” to 10” in width and 8’ to 12’ in height. All of our square aluminum columns are load bearing, fluted and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Traditional Square Columns

Traditional Square Columns have been designed and manufactured to be easy on the eyes, and provide a lifetime of structural integrity.

Available in:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Sandstone

Traditional Square Columns are straight, made in sections having a small and a large curved hook, which interlocks to the adjoining section. Flange-type caps and bases slip over the columns to complete the unit.

Our square aluminum column has a limited lifetime warranty on the material (one year warranty on finish), its load bearing and easy to install.

The traditional square aluminum column is available in sizes ranging from 4” – 10” in width and 8’ – 12’ in height.

Square Columns sections snap together. This should be done on a solid surface such as the floor or table. The easiest method is to asssemble the four section columns into two piece halves, then snap together. It is best to use a rubber mallet for this. If you use a steel hammer, be sure to use a block of wood on the columns.

Available Sizes
4" x 8'8" x 8'
4" x 10'8" x 9'
6" x 8'8" x 10'
6" x 9'10" x 8'
6" x 10'10" x 9'
10" x 10'

White Square Fluted Column Dimensions

Col. Size# of StavesABC

Square Column Install Diagram

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